UCI Generational Management at Glaxo Kline Smith in Asia Pacific Case Study

Make a list of the top 3 issues in Case 2 “Generational Management at GlaxoKlineSmith in Asia Pacific”. (please find in uploaded coursepack)

Pick what you believe to be the ONE most urgent and important problem for the company (from your list, mentioned above). For that problem, write an analysis section. That means, write why you think that is the main problem out of those you’ve listed. Give 2-3 relevant facts that you believe suggest that this is the main problem. Also write the goals/objectives for the company.

Once you have posted your response, those of the other students in the class will show up. (Other responses are hidden until you post yours). Your original response should be at least 300 words.

Once you have posted, read and respond to two other students by doing the following:

1. Evaluate their problem statements and analysis. Is their analysis of the stated problem compelling? Was logic applied to the situation or was it a list of facts? What else could they have said to make their analysis more compelling? (100 words per response)

2. Suggest 2 alternatives for their problems (bullet point this, 50 words)


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