SOCI 2301 Lone Star College Marriage and Family Discussion

*Post Content – Divorce and The Process of Uncoupling

Read pp. 111 – 119 in Sociology of Families which reviews various aspects of divorce – legal, parental, financial, social and emotional. Summarize what you saw as two key points or research findings from one or two of the following sections: Legal Divorce Parental Divorce Financial Divorce Emotional and Social Divorce
• Then, discuss how the information relates to your own experiences, someone you know, or a person in the media (i.e., a movie, TV show, someone in the news, etc.).

* Post Content – The Transition to Parenthood

Read “New Families: Modern Couples as New Pioneers” (a link to this reading is located below the link to the instructions). Then address the following:…

• Think about one or two parents you know (you can include yourself), and discuss which of the 5 domains of family life apply/applied to them. This works best if you can ask them directly, but it is not required. If you prefer, you can use an example from the media (e.g., a movie, TV show, novel, or someone in the news).

Your post must be at least 300 words in length. Two points will be deducted at 50 word intervals for posts less than 300 words (i.e., -2 for posts 250 – 299 words, -4 for posts 200 – 249 words, etc.). Your post should also be thoughtful, phrased in your own words, written in complete sentences (no outlines or lists) and have minimal grammar errors.


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