Newcastle Sentence Structure Format for A Most Beautiful Influencer Task

Objective and task: needs to record the video from the perspective of the most Beautiful and Influential Chinese Character /people (including individuals and groups).

Task requirements:

Choose a typical person or a certain group of people, integrate the knowledge and skills learned in the class (thinking map )and the thinking ability cultivated in the class, and express your own ideas (what do you think moves you most? What is the most beautiful Chinese character?

Task idea:

Who is the most beautiful Chinese character you choose? (characters can come from literature, film and television works, different fields in history or real society)

Give a brief introduction to the character (i.e. source, time, appearance, main deeds)

Why do you think he / she is the most beautiful? (i.e. what characteristics of the characters attract you and make you become a fan)

Do you learn from him / her in your life and study? How do you do it?

If you want more people to know him / her and learn from him / her, what do you think? What do you suggest people do?


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