Nature of Iranian Nationalism and the Constitutional Revolution Essay

To what extent were the Qajars responsible for Persia’s decline vis-à-vis the European powers in the 19th and early 20th centuries?

What were the main obstacles to reform during the Qajar period?

What were the causes of the decline and fall of the Qajar dynasty?

How did the role of women evolve during the Qajar period?

What caused the emergence of Iranian nationalism in the 19th century? What were the successes and failures of the Constitutional Revolution?

To what extent did the 1919 Anglo-Persian Agreement contribute to the 1921 Coup?

“The British brought Reza Khan to power.” To what extent is this an accurate statement?

How was Reza Khan able to take the throne in 1925?

. Essays will be marked based on to the following criteria: Knowledge: You should demonstrate good knowledge of the Qajar period, and a clear understanding of the subject of the essay. Analysis: You should engage with the subject and develop your own analysis. Referencing and Bibliography: introducing your own sources where relevant, and referencing them properly in your work. Structure: Essays should be structured in a logical way, with an introduction (in which the argument is set out), body (in which the argument is made), and a conclusion. Style: Quality of writing, good spelling and grammar. 


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