Machakos University Need for New Environment Ethics

3 pages


I uploaded the guidelines and topics pdf for the paper. Instructions is to write a critical analysis of one of the specific arguments listed below. I will choose argument #2:
(Routley’s argument that a new environmental ethic is needed. Your summary should include all the
important elements of this argument, including (though not necessarily limited to) the Last Man thought experiment, how it is supposed to work, and what he thinks it establishes, using examples as appropriate. )

I also uploaded the pages of the readings for the argument.

Instructions also says to choose option a or b. Option A is to criticize the argument by raising a specific objection (or objections) to it and Option B is to defend the argument by refuting the strongest possible objection that could be raised against it. You can choose either option I really don’t mind. But If I had to choose one for the argument I will choose option B.


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