Harvard University Knowledge Processes Behind Innovation Led Strategies Research Paper

Choose ONE of the following three questions:

1) The contemporary interest in Knowledge Management as part of the Knowledge Society is sometimes seen to originate back to Daniel Bell’s (1973) model of Post Industrial Society (Fig 1.1 Hislop, D. et al, Fourth Edition, p4).In the light of the technological revolution since Bell’s book,and the impactthat this revolution has had upon society, organisations and individuals, how far,if at all, would you want to modify or confirm Bell’s characterization of Post Industrial Society and why?

2) What is meant by Objectivist and Practice Based perspectives onknowledge? They are often discussed without any reference to the idea of ‘Truth’ as a universal measure of reality. Why might the idea of truth be both problematic and yet essential in both understanding and managing knowledge bythe individual in society and within the organisation in its environment?

3) Make a case for and against the idea that knowledge processes behind innovation led strategies occur without reference to power, politics and conflict.


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