GMU Red at The Bone Novel Written by Jacqueline Woodson Discussion


800-1500 words (Excluding title, name, professor, class and date) It must be 800 – 1500 words of the actual text • Creative and specific title
• Presentation of a focused and arguable thesis statement
• Show awareness of the rhetorical context
• Use of textual evidence in the form of quotes, paraphrases, and summarization
• Clear organization
• MLA format

Must have a very strong structured analysis, must incorporate lots of evidence from the novel to support your points, must also develop a very strong thesis and avoid summarizing the story as this is key to ensuring your points lead to a cohesive argument


– Woodson’s novel is under two hundred pages yet, as critic Ron Charles points out, “[she] explores
class, race and death with unflinching honesty and emotional depth.” Discuss the literary elements
that make Red at the Bone successful in tackling these powerful themes with such brevity.

– Throughout the book, several characters emerge as heroes. If you were to select a singular
working class hero from this story, who would it be? Along with class, consider how gender may
affect the character’s ability to shine as a hero


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