GCU Wk 4 Design of Six Sigma Exploratory Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Discussion

  • Provide an opening with thesis statement.
  • Present summary of the article.
  • Compute, using the data from the initial process capability study sample, given in Table 8.7, the process capability indexes, and construct a histogram for the data using appropriate APA figure formatting.
  • Explain, using the textbook for support, i.e., personal opinion should not be used, why it was incorrect for the operators to not plot the initial data, find special causes, and compute new limits.
  • Analyze, using at least 3 scholarly/business sources in addition to the textbook, i.e., personal opinion should not be used, what might have happened had the operators acted correctly and what lessons can be learned from this instance.
  • Provide a conclusion.

What is the design of Six Sigma? Explain the four basic elements of Six Sigma and the various tools and methodologies that comprise the body of knowledge. Define how Six Sima uses measurement and explain the difference between measures and indicators. Provide real-world examples of both from your workplace.

How is six sigma does a process performance index differ from a process capability index? Provide examples from your workplace.


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