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English 1302: Composition

Prof Brown

Rhetorical Analysis Paper

Worth: 100 points in the major paper category

Due: Monday, March 22 in this dropbox by 11:59 pm

Purpose: To write about 2 pages in MLA format that analyzes an essay or article that has an opinion argued in it. Your argument should state whether or not the argument the author has made is effective or not. You will need 2-3 reasons why you feel the argument is effective or not effective. Use the rhetorical language you have learned (claim/thesis, reasons, evidence, assumptions/warrants, logos, ethos, pathos, etc.). You may choose your own article or essay to analyze. I do have some attached here if you want to use one of them.

Your paper MUST include:

  • MLA formatting with a creative title
  • an introduction with a strong hook, the article or essay introduced with the author’s name stated at least once, and a thesis that states your position on the work (it’s effective or not) and a preview of the evidence (2-3 reasons) you will use in your paper.
  • body paragraphs that are carefully structured. They should have topic sentences, clearcut reasons with examples from the text, an explanation of the example, and how it ties into your argument. Transition into the next paragraph (if it’s not the conclusion).
  • MLA formatted in-text citations where you use textual evidence (quoted, paraphrased, or summarized).
  • A conclusion that restates the thesis, summarizes the main reasons you used and leaves the reader with a strong thought to the future.
  • An MLA formatted Work Cited page with your article or essay cited properly.

Tone/Audience: Keep your tone scholarly. Consider your audience to be fellow HCC classmates (though I read it only). Standard English rules apply.

The following articles do have comprehension questions at the back. You don’t have to do them, of course, but they are good to read through to make sure you understand the articles.









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