Chabot College Girl Troubles Peer Review of Annotated Bibliographies

Please provide feedback to 3 attached paper. Be as specific as possible in your responses

1. Are the MLA works cited page citations correct? (Don’t say that everything is fine if it is not. for instance–providing nothing more than a url, then he/she is clearly not providing an MLA works cited page entry, and you should say so.)

2. Are all of the sources from the Chabot library? Do all of the sources seem to help answer one of the research questions? If any of the sources seem like they’re not clearly relevant to the research question the writer is investigating, you should let the writer know. Based on the summaries, what seems to be interesting or relevant about each source?

3. Are the summaries clearly written? If, after reading the summary, you are still not sure what the article (or book) is about, please let the writer know. Be diplomatic, but you’re not helping if you say the summary is clearly written when it’s not.

4. Do the summaries meet the length requirement? (In other words, are they at least 200 words each?)


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