California State UniversitY Concept of Sacred in Indigenous Worldview Discussion

The midterm practice will be an essay question based exam, and is worth 50 points altogether. It will consist of 5 questions each worth 10 points. It will be online, which means you will have the opportunity to consult notes and other reading material, but it also means that your answers are expected to be thorough and concise. You will have one and a half hours to complete the practice. Suggestion: you can best prepare for this practice by pre-writing short essays based on the topics below, customizing the answers to answer the questions directly once they are in front of you, and then cutting and pasting your answers into the fields. Each of your answers must meet a minimum of 150 words for the best grade. Here are the topics you will be asked to write about:

  • The concept of the sacred; you will draw upon the theme of the Panhe site visit and all the reading and video material to discuss the topic
  • Language and story, and how they are involved in a kincentric view of the world. You will be asked for specific references to authors who have addressed this idea in readings and videos.
  • Understand and be able to discuss the 4 R’s, and the difference in paradigms between indigenous worldviews and those of the dominant society.
  • Sustainability; differences between mainstream and indigenous ideas as written about by authors you have read and videos you have viewed. Also be able to discuss the ideological roots of the environmental movement and how they differed from indigenous knowledge.
  • Traditional ecological land management; be able to discuss techniques, purposes, as well as how this knowledge challenges popular assumptions and dominant social narrative about Native people.


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