Azusa Pacific University Local Chief Nursing Officer Wins 10 Million Lottery Paper

Assignment #6: Press Release

The person you interviewed for Assignment #5 has just won $60 million in the California State Lottery (CSL). Write a press release from the CSL describing the event and providing background details about the winner. Provide a quote or other information from the winner about what his/her plans are for this sudden windfall (you’ll have to be creative here).

Your press release should be suitable for wide distribution to a number of news media. Be sure to use the proper format, specified in Chapter 4 of WOJ.

CH 4 . Do your bibliographic listing in APA citation style. For the Internet sites, please include the title of the webpage (if you’re unsure, view “Document Info” from the Web browser toolbar). Also include the site’s URL (best just to copy and paste it from the “Location” window).


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